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Invisible pain: About Us
Invisible pain: About Us
Invisible pain: About Us

I hope people can be more imaginative about the suffering of others, I want to help to de-stigmatize mental illness. I hate people say you can't be a better person without suffering,I wish people would admit that some pain is destructive and cannot be reconciled. This wall piece was inspired by a variety of patients’ brain electrical activity mapping , like major depressive, schizophrenia, etc,they look normal, these colorful pieces will make the audience think these just a beautiful and cheerful patterns, but if the doctor saw these patterns, would only see the endless pain in these pieces,this sense of conflict is what I wanted to convey.

In our San Francisco offices, you’ll find enthusiastic activists of all backgrounds and ages. What brings us together is our dedication toward our common goals. But we can’t do it without your help. Get in touch to see how you can get involved and increase our impact.

Invisible pain: Welcome
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