●“Artistar jewels 2021”Milano jewelry week. Pieces of work “Memory” and “abandoned” 3-6/2021,Milan,Italy
●Exhibition“Schmuck 2021”serious work“Viscera Sensus”and“Decay4”Munich,Germany.
●Exhibition“painful hope”serious work“Viscera Sensus”and“Decay4”2020,Lille,France.
●Exhibition“CAD virtual visual”,work“Shanhai-Ching”11/2020,NY,USA
●Exhibition“Niente E come Appare?” Serious work“Decay”,MA-EC gallery,Milan,Italy
●The Center for Contemporary Arts National Juried Exhibition,Jane Adams Breed Gallery,TX, USA 10/2020
●CCAN National Juried Art Competition ,work "shanhai-Ching" ,nominated, Abilene,TX,USA10/2020
●The earring show,Craft council of BC, British Columbia,Canada 5/2020
●American Craft Show, showcasing several work with RIT group ,Baltimore convention center, Baltimore,Maryland,USA 2/2020
●Exhibition “TBD”,installation work“decay” ,William Harris Gallery, NY,USA 11/2019
●Rochester fashion week, runway work “Soaking• Silence2”The center for youth NY ,USA10/2019
●Exhibition “Art out”,work “voice of bamboo”and “Equinox Flower”, Bevier gallery,NY,USA 11/2019
●Exhibition Shi Se,work”diversity •harmony”, Shanghai design art museum,Shanghai,China 5/2018



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